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Hadley Maxi Stolpe 250 cm. View larger

Hadley Maxi Stolpe 250 cm.

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Levering 1-3 arbejdsdage (sendes kun med fragtmanden)

Hadley Maxi UltraSTEEL® Vinmarkstolper 250 cm. til vinmarksespalier, stålstolperne er også velegnet til indhegning af hundegårde, hønsegårde, dyrehegn, juletræer. Stolperne har indbygget kroge til at hænge tråden eller hegnet på. se Hadleys PDF produktinfo. under "download"

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Data sheet

Længde250 cm.
Bredde49x44 mm.
Gods tykkelse1,5 mm.
Krog afstand7 cm.

Mere information

Hadley Maxi UltraSTEEL® Vinmarkstolper 250 cm.

Når kun det bedste er godt nok - 25 års garanti!!

25000mm x 49mm x 44mm, godstykkelse 1,5 mm. vægt 4,35 kg.

Stolperne er også velegnet hindbær og andre espalier, samt til indhegnning af f.eks. hundegårde, hønsegårde og andet dyrehold, og når f.eks. juletræer skal indhegnes er det en perfekt stolpe da der er indbygget kroge for hvert 7 cm. hvilket gør det nemt at fastgøre tråde eller net.



Der vil være tillæg til ikke brofaste øer

Hadley Vineposts are the result of extensive market research and product development to the specific, often localised wire support needs of wine growers of the world.

Though relatively new to the market, they have already been widely adopted and trusted throughout the 'Old World' Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy regions of France as the preferred vine support method within these premier wine growing areas.

 Performance Advantages

The Ultimate in Innovation, Stability and Cost Efficiency

Hadley Vineposts outperform traditional wooden vine pickets or alternative metal vine supports on a number of levels:

  • Higher rigidity
    Not only do Hadley vine posts have a greater load carrying capacity, the strength ofUltraSTEEL® also ensures the posts are less likely to deform when driven in to the ground.
  • More stability through surface dimpling
    Dimpling created viaUltraSTEEL® increases the surface area by 22% which ensures the post comes into contact with more earth. This makes it more stable in the ground.
  • Extreme performance tested
    In extreme laboratory testing conditions Hadley vineposts have been proven to be so flexible that they can be rotated 180° and then spring back to their original position without deformation.
  • 7cm tag pitch and reinforced tag
    Hadley Vineposts offer more wire spacing options and a tag strong enough to withstand the impact caused by harvesting machinery.
  • Disease resistant
    Wooden vineposts can harbour diseases which may transfer to the grapes. Hadley steel vineposts are disease resistant ensuring healthier crops.
  • Non-corrosive
    Hadley Vineposts are resistant to soil acidity and are supplied with up to a 25 year corrosion protection guarantee.
  • The UltraSTEEL® process improves Hadley Vineposts' mechanical properties without requiring additional material More cost efficient
    or another stage in the production process.
  • More durable
    Hadley Vineposts require less maintenance than wooden or other metal posts and offer years of trouble free vine wire support.